Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Swarovski Grade YHB Crystals in SS10 (Bigger is Better!)

Swarovski grade YHB Crystals are back with your favourite size - SS10!!

SS10 are 3mm in diameter and will make blinging a breeze compared to the smaller SS6 size (1.8mm).

Aside from SS10, I have SS12 and SSS16 in Crystal and SS16 for Light Rose! :) The bigger the crystals, the shine is even more gorgeous!
For bulk order, please see this link.

Price list:
Crystal SS10 (Crystal is the code name for Clear Coloured Crystals. Other colored crystals have their own special names):

Rm8 for 1/2 gross (72 pcs)
RM14 for 1 gross (144 pcs)
RM80 for 1 bulk (1440 pcs)

Coloured Crystals SS10:

RM10 for 1/2 gross (72 pieces)
RM18 for 1 gross (144 pieces)
RM100 for 1 bulk (1440 pieces)

Crystal SS12:

RM14 for 1/2 gross (72 pieces)
RM22 for 1 gross (144 pieces)
RM100 for 1 bulk (1440 pieces)

Crystal SS16:

RM16 for 1/2 gross (72 gross)
RM25 for 1 gross (144 pieces)
RM100 for 1 bulk (1440 pieces)

Coloured Crystal SS16:

RM18 for 1/2 gross (72 pieces)
RM28 for 1 gross (144 pieces)
RM120 for 1 bulk (1440 pieces)

Fuchsia SS10

Crystal AB SS10

Light Amethyst SS10

Light Rose SS10

Clear SS10

Light Sapphire SS10

Olivine Green SS10

Jonquil SS10

Light Peach SS10

Peridot SS10

Aqua Bohemica SS10

Smoke Topaz SS10

Indicolite SS10

Light Black Diamond SS10

Light Colorado Topaz SS10

Hyacinth SS10

Tanzanite SS10

Violet SS10

Black DIamond SS10

Jet SS10

Siam SS10

Sapphire SS10

Montana SS10

Jonquil SS6

Crystal SS16 and SS12

Light Rose SS16

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