Monday, October 5, 2009

The Sticker Monster Delivers To London!

I've been doing COD (Cash on delivery) whenever I am able to back here in Malaysia but when I had an order from the UK, I jumped at the chance to hand deliver it since I was heading there for a month long holiday!

Heidi bought stickers for her niece, Alexa and it was a whole pack of various stickers! 

IMG_7780 copy by you.
Heidi's orders for Alexa.

IMG_7782 copy by you.
Alexa and her aunt Kristen met up with me at Victoria Station and I brought a few more of my 'special' stickers to let her choose. Alexa is a very chatty 9 year old who told me about how she trades stickers with her friends in school as well. According to Heidi's email, Alexa was overjoyed! 

Here's her email to me:

Hi Jolene,
I wanted to thank you for meeting with Alexa and my sister Kristen. Alexa has emailed me several times talking about how much fun she had meeting you and ALL the amazing stickers you gave her. She is also excited about the picture you took with her being on your website. And then when I spoke with her on the phone she was just so happy telling me EVERYTHING. She told me that she started collecting stickers at 8 years old just like you did! She told me you were super nice and fun! She told me how fabulous the whole experience was and that she is so excited about adding all her stickers to her sticker book! Of course, Kristen also had very nice things to say about you as well. 
In short, you meeting with Alexa was a highlight of her summer. You made one little girl very, very happy.
 She is a bit of a sticker monster, just like you.
Thanks again and I hope you enjoy the rest of your vacation in England.
Take care,

IMG_7796 copy by you.
That's Kristen, Alexa and myself. :) Sure feels good to know that a little girl somewhere out there is having a ball trading stickers with her schoolmates! 

Wanted to make a hand delivery to Paris, but my other customer stays quite a distance away so we didn't get to meet up. :)

Thought these international deliveries would make a cool addition to my blog. :)

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Dreams Are Made Of Glittery Puffy Stickers

Little glittery puffy snacks, umbrellas, kittens and famous bunnies and cats! Ingenious ideas for our sticker collection!

I've got a promotion going on for these stickers!

Buy one and get RM1 off the second piece. That's RM3 for the second one!


Snack Bar


RT277050401 by you.

RT277050401a by you.

RT277050401b by you.


Luxurious Kitty


RT277050402 by you.

RT277050402a by you.

RT277050402b by you.


Raining Umbrella


RT277050403 by you.

RT277050403a by you.

RT277050403b by you.


Creepy Musical


RT277050404 by you.

RT277050404a by you.

RT277050404b by you.


Conigli Love Bunny


RT277050405 by you.

RT277050405a by you.

RT277050405b by you.


Hello Kitty At The Park


RT277050406 by you.

RT277050406a by you.

RT277050406b by you.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Adorable "Good Job" Stickers!

Remember the kind of stickers your kindergarten or music teacher used to give you because you could read properly or play a piece well?

These were popular with kindergarten and music teachers (I would know, my mum's a piano teacher and she used to keep stacks and stacks of tiny stickers which I couldn't touch T_T) as they were tiny and one sheet doesn't cost much but there are so many on it to go around!


Kawaii Prints


RT277100405 by you.

RT277100405c by you.




RT277100406 by you.

RT277100406a by you.

RT277100406b by you.

RT277100406c by you.
With light shone on it.


On Cloud 9


RT277100407 by you.

RT277100407a by you.

RT277100407b by you.


Kawaii Prints 2


RT277100408 by you.

RT277100408a by you.

RT277100408b by you.

2-in-1 Darlings: Puffy and Epoxy Stickers

Puffy and epoxy stickers are right up there on most people's list of favourite types of stickers. With both the types on one sheet, it is totally irresistible! Softness of the puffy stickers combined with the lovely hard epoxy texture makes it very yin and yang.


Creamy Hearts


RT277130401 by you.

RT277130401a by you.

RT277130401b by you.

RT277130401c by you.


Polka Hearts


RT277130402 by you.

RT277130402a by you.

RT277130402b by you.

RT277130402c by you.


Hush Little Baby


RT277130403 by you.

RT277130403a by you.

RT277130403b by you.

RT277130403c by you.


My Little Pet Shop


RT277130404 by you.

RT277130404a by you.

RT277130404b by you.

RT277130404c by you.


Animal Tea Party


RT277130405 by you.

RT277130405a by you.

RT277130405b by you.

RT277130405c by you.

I didn't know where to fit this into so I'll just put it here!

It's a very special Hello Kitty sticker! It has a sheet of puffy stickers and right at the back, another sheet in the exact same design but in glossy paper.


Hello Kitty Puffy Glossy Duo

RT277100409 by you.

RT277100409a by you.

RT277100409b by you.

RT277100409c by you.