Monday, January 17, 2011

Princess Maxi Bling Deco Sheets

After many many requests for more Princess Maxi Bling Deco Sheets..... I HAVE MORE!!

Please head over to The Sticker Monster's store at the hot new online shopping mall Jipaban to purchase it exclusively there!

Jipaban is the latest online shopping mall in our region! There are many fun things to do at Jipaban like building your own virtual shopping mall, having an "Egg On list" which integrates social networking and shopping meaning your friends can tell you if the item you're looking at is awesome or not, be a fan of a particular blog shop, look at new and gorgeous items in a breeze and just get lost clicking through awesome dresses, accessories, shoes, bags..and of course... STICKERS AND DECODEN!

Orders from the blog and the jipaban store can be combined and paid via the super convenient payment system over at Jipaban!!

Deco Tape Gift Box Set

I have actually secretly being selling deco tapes to those who enquired.. not that it is illegal, just that I had too many and got too lazy to put it up here! But the old stock is now dwindling to the bottom of the barrel and so I've gone out and got these lovely new deco tapes box set!

Know someone who adore collecting kawaii things? Get them this!

Code: #RT2211102508501

Price: RM8.50

There are eight deco tape designs in each box.

The boxes come in three colours. Colours will be randomly chosen unless specified by buyer.

Red Box

Blue Box

Pink Box

The designs available are shown at the back of the box!

Below are the actual deco tapes found in the box. Except for the second line, all the other deco tapes are shown as a pair to indicate their different angles.

The deco tape box set's super cute profile.

The other side!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

My Life Sticker - Random Doodles

Random doodles instantly brightens up my day because of the colours and squiggly lines that come together. The colourful drawing of something so completely nonsensical is just the kind of thing that I adore, pasting it where ever just to make a statement.

My Life Sticker comes in a set of 2 pieces each! The material is glossy and pretty sturdy for a sticker! Extremely worth it for its price!


Light + Flower + Clown + Green Bus + Teardrop



Blue Heart + Cup + Pink Bus + Hello Star + Seedling + Sorry Apple



Cat + Blue Bus + Angel + Bicycle + Cup



Pink Bus + Shopping Cart + Pine Tree + Angel Cloud



Pink Bus + Ribbon + Fighting + Angel



Orange Bus + Rain+ Seedling+ Miaomiao + Baby



Scarlet Bus + Bunny + Post Box + Shopping



Orange Bus + Owl + Dog Walker + Brave Puppy



Love Bus + Danger + Teddy + Earth



Snowman + Red Bus + Cello + Love + Rain Go Away





Orange Bus + Rainbow Cup + Paper Plane + Love


Deco Tapes Galore!

For those of you who just can't get enough deco tapes, here is a ton of designs for you to choose from! Unfortunately, I have very limited stocks for this. So if you fancy one, don't hesitate!

*as there are too many decotapes, i won't be giving them names. Just rely on the codes, ya? :)

Each Deco Tape is RM1.00!
*no free postage for this one.