Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Too Many Polymer Clay Flowers!

It'll be awhile before I take in any sweet and snacks deco as I have just hoarded an entire collection of polymer clay flowers in a variety of sizes and designs!! :)

I love clumping the flowers together to stare at my giant pile of polymer clay flowers all night long. Such a happy feeling!

The decoden promotion still stands!

For 10 pieces of the small flowers (RM1.50), RM10!

For 5 pieces of the bigger flowers (RM2.50), RM10!


Soft Baby Pink Blooms

RM1.50 per pc


Hot Pink Frangipani

RM1.50 per pc


Hot Pink Blooms

RM1.50 per pc


Sky Blue Frangipanis

RM1.50 per pc


Ivory Roses

RM1.50 per pc


Baby Pink Frangipani

RM1.50 per pc


Soft Baby Blue Blooms

RM1.50 per pc


Black Frangipani

RM1.50 per pc


Violet Centre Frangipani

RM1.50 per pc


Big Lilac Roses

RM2.50 per pc


Vampire Red Rose

RM2.50 per pc


Big Chocolate Roses

RM2.50 per pc


Big Red Pastel Roses

RM2.50 per pc

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