Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Swarovski Grade Crystallized Elements Rhinestone - YHB Crystals

If you're thinking of going all out to bling an entire gadget with original Swarovski Crystallized Element Rhinestones, it can cost you a few hundred ringgit (or many tens of dollars if you want to talk in terms of USD).

YHB Crystals pride themselves in meeting the expectations of bling lovers for the brilliant shine that the crystals give off. YHB crystals are made from the same technology as original Swarovski and Preciosa crystals. The crystals come in almost 46 colours like the ones in the Swarovski line. With similar shine and shades from the Swarovski line at a lower price, YHB crystals are a perfect alternative to the czech crystals.

To use hotfix rhinestones, simply place them on to your shirt/dress and press with a hot iron. The rhinestone should then be stuck on firmly to the apparel.

My friend Belle got some crystals from me and blinged up some pins!

RM10 for 72 pieces - Half Gross
RM18 for 144 pieces - Gross
RM100 for 1440 pieces - Bulk (Pre-order if ready stock not available)

Colours can be mixed (except for rose and clear)!

However, colours must be in denominations of 12.

For example, RM10 can get you a maximum of five colours (12 pieces for each colour). If you have any further queries, please email me at :)

Different pricing for:
RM25 for 72 pieces
RM45 for 144 pieces
RM150 for 1440 pieces

RM8 for 72 pieces
RM14 for 144 pieces
RM80 for 1440 pieces

SS6 is 1.8mm
SS10 is 3mm
As for now I only have 2 sizes.

Rose 6SS e


Colour: Smoke Topaz
Size: SS6

Smoke Topaz SS6 a

Smoke Topaz SS6 b

Colour: Amethyst
Size: SS10

Colour: Aqua Bohemica
Size: SS6

Colour: Black Diamond
Size: SS6

Colour: Blue Zircon
Size: SS10

Blue Zircon SS10 d

Colour: Chrysolite
Size: SS6

Chrysolite SS6 a

Chrysolite SS6 b

Colour: Crystal AB
Size: SS6

Crystal AB SS6

Crystal AB SS6 a

Crystal AB SS6 b

Colour: Crystal
Size: SS6

Crystal SS6

Crystal SS6 a

Colour: Hyacinth
Size: SS6

Hyacinth SS6 a

Hyacinth SS6 c

Colour: Indicolite
Size: SS6

Indicolite SS6 a

Indicolite SS6 b

Colour: Jet
Size: SS6

Jet SS6 b

Jet SS6 c

Colour: Light Amethyst
Size: SS6

Light Amethyst SS6 a

Light Amethyst SS6 b

Light Amethyst(2) SS6 a

Colour: Light Black Diamond
Size: SS6

Light Black Diamond SS6 b

Light Black Diamond SS6 c

Colour: Light Colorado Topaz
Size: SS6

Light Colorado Topaz SS6 a

Light Colorado Topaz SS6 b

Colour: Light Peach
Size: SS6

Light Peach SS6 a

Light Peach SS6 b

Colour: Light Rose
Size: SS6

Light Rose SS6 a

Light Rose SS6 d

Colour: Light Sapphire
Size: SS6

Light Sapphire SS6 a

Light Sapphire SS6 b

Colour: Light Topaz
Size: SS6

Light Topaz SS6 a

Light Topaz SS6 b

Colour: Montana
Size: SS6

Montana SS6 a

Montana SS6 b

Colour: Olivine Green
Size: SS6

Olivine Green SS6 b

Olivine Green SS6 c

Colour: Rose
Size: SS6

Rose 6SS

Rose 6SS a

Rose 6SS d

Colour: Sapphire
Size: SS6

Sapphire SS6 a

Sapphire SS6 d

Colour: Siam
Size: SS6

Siam SS6 a

Siam SS6 b

Colour: Smoke Topaz
Size: SS6

Smoke Topaz SS6 a

Smoke Topaz SS6 b



Crystals will take about two to three weeks to reach you.

Please enquire for sizes and prices as price varies from SS12 onwards and some colours are priced differently.