Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Vintage Sticker Sheets



Here's a set of the most vintage sticker set I have ever seen!

Each pack has 24 sticker sheets and I have photographed each and every sheet for you to see. :)

The entire design has a very 50s feel to it. :) Hope you like it!

If you want a particular design from the sticker, you have to manually cut it. Otherwise, the entire sheet peels off as a whole. This way, the scrapbook enthusiasts can have beautiful sticky paper and the sticker lovers can have a particular design however they want it to be!

Code: #CC26021124005001

RM50.00 per set.

Sheet 1 and Sheet 2. I joined it together, they are actually two separate sheets.

Sheet 3 and 4.

Sheet 5 and 6.

Sheet 7 and 8.

Sheet 9 and 10.

Sheet 11 and 12.

Sheet 13 and 14.

Sheet 15 and 16.

Sheet 17 and 18.

Sheet 19 and 20.

Sheet 21 and 22

Sheet 23 and 24

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Fresh Garden said...

Absolutely fantastic! Yeah!