Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Gorgeous Rubber Stamp Set

So maybe kawaii rubber stamps are not quite up your alley, how about a whole range of sophisticated rubber stamps instead?

Fairies, circus, birds, cats, jewelry, ballerinas, animals, many beautiful designs to choose from!

Each rubber stamp set comes in a small tin box.

These rubber stamps are DIY. There are three components for you to put together - the rubber material with the design, foam mounts and labels.

Peel one of the foam mounts away from the foam mount sheet. Peel away the craft paper to reveal its adhesive side.

Find the matching rubber stamp and cut it away from the main sheet and then place on the adhesive side of the foam mount.

Ta-da! One successful rubber stamp!

Finish up the rest!

You can keep them in its tin box and wipe it down with wet wipes after each usage.

The rubber stamp sets do not come with an inkpad.

Looking absolutely gorgeous on an envelope.

My favourite design.

This is how the rubber stamps look like after each usage. Demo sets are sold at RM23 instead of the brand new price of RM25. Some designs have demo sets.

All in all, the rubber stamps come in nine different designs. Each set is RM25. If you want to pre-order all designs, the total is RM180.


Ballerina Rubber Stamp Set



Animal Rubber Stamp Set



Jewelry Rubber Stamp Set





Fairy Rubber Stamp Set



Circus 1 Rubber Stamp Set



Circus 2 Rubber Stamp Set



Mountain Birds Rubber Stamp Set



Little Kids Rubber Stamp Set



Pussy Cat Rubber Stamp Set



kam said...

Hi !
How much is the shipping for France for 2 or 3 Rubber stamp set ?
Thanks you !

Jayelle said...

Hi Kam!

It's about USD12.50 for postage.

Inclusive of say, three boxes of the stamps, your total would be USD39.50 :)

I only accept USD currency.

saltvinegar said...

Any chance you might have more of those fairy stamps?

Anonymous said...

Need the fairy stamps...

pookarah said...

Afraid I'm yet another person sad to have missed the fairy stamps (though I'm equally sad about missing out on the kitties ;.; )

Any chance you'll be getting more stamps in some time soon?

Ronnie said...

Am also loving the fairy design!!! And the jewelry one too....