Sunday, February 20, 2011

Masking Sticker Set - Diary Highlighters!


Tell me you didn't scream when you saw these sweethearts in a multitude of colours?

The Korean designed masking sticker set can be used as decotape or as highlighters for special dates in your diary and you write on top of it! Heck, it can be used in any way you want!!

See the diagram? It shows you how a piece of the masking sticker is divided.


Masking Sticker Set Basic Version


*temporarily out of stock


Masking Sticker Set Version Pastel


*temporarily out of stock


saltvinegar said...

oooh this looks really cute.. but i don't think i can bear writing on it..

LT said...

Hey Li Teng here, my sister's friend wants one set too. Let me know if you reorder! =)

Jayelle said...

Hi Li Teng!

I'll let you know as and when I reopen for new orders for this masking sticker!

* §ΰйпιΞ ☼ Śђάи * said...
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* §ΰйпιΞ ☼ Śђάи * said...

Hi Jolene...
I would like to have on of each set...please do let me know if you will be re-ordering the way it's Sunnie here :)