Friday, August 6, 2010

Super Cute, Scrumptious and Chunky Decodens

The Sticker Monster is back after a super super long hiatus which involved graduating, moving back to my childhood home after 5 years of uni in Kedah, a northern part of Malaysia. The next step is to wait for the government to give me my posting...hopefully I can get my first choice which is Johor, the south most state of Malaysia. Cross your fingers for me, sticker lovers!!

Now that I have settled in comfortably, it is STICKER TIME! (decodens, blings, fimo nail sticks too etc)

You decoden fanatics might be happy to know that I have taken in 24 new designs of cute and yummy snacks that are way too adorable to resist! (that's how I ended up with 24 designs from my suppliers T_T. Broke now.)

There are some designs that are larger than normal hence it will be priced a little differently compared to the conventionally sized decodens that I used to stock.

I have restocked the epoxy glue!! Go get them!

In this post, I will be listing the bigger ones first. There will be another post for the other 17 smaller designs which retain the old decoden pricing of 10 pieces for RM10.

Each piece is priced at RM2.50. But if you take 5 pieces, you can have it at RM10 for all 5 pieces! That's RM2 per piece!


Birthday Cakes


Pink Cookies


Ice-Cream Cones


Big Pink Ribbons


Brown Cookies


Pink Lollies


Blue Lollies


Big Pink Hearts


Big White Ribbons


Big Red Hearts

Delicious Mini Decodens

Here are the smaller decodens which are perfect for a more discrete design.

Each piece is priced at RM1.50. For 10 pieces, you can get it at RM10 which works out to RM1 per piece!


Lilac Rose


White Heart Pastilles


Pink Heart Pastilles


Pink Macarons


Strawberry Popsicles


Choco Topped Pudding


Pink Whipped Cream


Chocolate Popsicles


Black Rose


White Whipped Cream


Dark Chocolate Bars


Bigger Red Roses


Love Truffles


Striped Truffles


Baby Pink Roses


Yellow Roses


Rainbow Lollipops