Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Sticker Monster's Next Bazaar Appearance - Too Hot 2 Handle!!


The Sticker Monster will be at EUPHORIA by Ministry of Sound's Too Hot 2 Handle event!

Come and browse through all my stickers in person! The location is easy, the stickers are plenty, I am friendly....:D We'll have a blast!! Drop by Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa (if you know where Sunway Pyramid is, it's there.)


Date: Saturday, 10 April 2010
Time: 12.00pm to 6.00pm
Venue: Ministry of Sound - EUPHORIA, Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa.

Do sign up for the Euphoria Ladies VIP card while stocks last! You get to have 1st pics and 20% off on selected shops if you spend above RM100! (The Sticker Monster have agreed to be part of that come spend over RM100 and enjoy 20% off my stickers!)

Read on to know what other exclusive goodies you can get at the event:

Where haute couture meets the best of music all in one venue ...

EUPHORIA by Ministry of Sound presents "Too HOT 2 Handle"

Join us for a day of fashion, beauty and style at the trendiest club in town! Amidst the fantabulous shopping, get treated to sizzling performances, mini makeover workshops, awesome lucky draw prizes, best dressed prizes and more lined up for a marvelous girly day out!

Check out what we have in store for you:

+ Lucky draws
+ Goodie bags
+ Best Dressed Award - So be sure to dress up ladies!
+ Dance performances
+ Fashion shows
+ Special appearance by Shawn Lee
+ Stand a chance to won Jason Derulo's albums and posters
And so much more!

That's not all! Flash your Ministry of Sound - EUPHORIA Ladies VIP Card at the entrance to enjoy excellent privileges!

+ Priority shopping - You get the 1st pick at everything! ;)
+ Free flow of Beefeater cocktails
+ Complimentary manicure & pedicure
+ Complimentary eyelash extension
+ Complimentary hand and head massage
+ Exclusive discounts with participating vendors

Don't own a Ministry of Sound - EUPHORIA Ladies VIP Card yet? Sign up for one now:

This event is brought to you by Ministry of Sound - EUPHORIA and our lovely hosts of sponsors:

+ CANON:- Official Camera, because we know how much you love to camwhore!
+ Warner Music Malaysia:- Official Music, bringing you the best of music with Jason Derulo's goodies!
+ B.liv:- Official Skin Care, we just got to look fabulous, starting off with our skin!
+ Redken:- Official Hair Care, because it's one of our very important asset, no?
+ Beefeater:- Official Beverage, what better way to shop than with a cocktail in hand?
+ Playstation:- Official Game Console, because we love shopping and gaming too!
+ Celebrity Fitness:- Official Fitness Center, keeping in shape, yes we must!
+ TruDtox:- Official Health Supplement, looking good and in good health is what's important!
+ A Shopaholic's Den:- Official Shopping Organizer, bringing you all your shopping needs under one roof!

With such a great host of sponsors and organizers, how can you miss out on this awesome fashion event ladies? See you there!


- This is a strictly 18+ event (by month)
- There is no entrance fee for this event

Saturday, March 20, 2010

FIMO Nail Art Canes - A Whole New Nail Art Technology!

Have you heard of FIMO Nail Art Canes?

Gone are the days when you had to painstakingly do up cute little 3D designs for your nails as FIMO Nail Art Cane slices completes the job for you!

Have a look at this awesome tutorial on how to use it!

They come in an array of super super cute designs in a roughy 5CM long cane with the same design running through it and if you cut it properly, you can get up to 100 slices!

FIMO is a type of polymer clay that is not brittle at all.

See how it bends!

The colours that they come in is amazingly bright too. Such a cheerful addition to your nails!

The codes for the FIMO nail art canes are further below. Let's look at the boxed ready-cut FIMO Nail Art Cane slices first!

For those who are lazy and would like a bigger variety of designs, this would be an excellent choice to start of with!


Ready Cut Fimo Nail Art Cane Slices 1


L-r: A tabby cat, a blue butterfly, lemon, apple, pink flower and starfruit.

These are not all the slices. I only took out a few pieces to get some macro shots.


Ready Cut FIMO Nail Art Cane Slices 2


L-r: Blue Rose, Pink flower, Green Butterfly, Some kind of fruit, Red Butterfly, Yellow flower


Ready Cut FIMO Nail Art Cane Slices


Here are the codes for the Nail Art Canes:

I have a promotion for the Nail Art Canes! Buy 5 canes for RM10! Let me know in the email order that you would like to have the promotion!


RM3.50 per cane

Strawberry 1



RM3.50 per cane

(sold out)


Goodmorning Sunflower

RM3.50 per cane


The Butterfly

RM3.50 per cane



RM3.50 per cane

(sold out)



RM3.50 per cane

(sold out)


Pink Smiley (Black face)

RM3.50 per cane


Pink Smiley (White face)

RM3.50 per cane


Swirly Candy

RM3.50 per cane

(sold out)


Twin Hearts

RM3.50 per cane


RM3.50 per cane

Green Lime

(sold out)


RM3.50 per cane

Doodle Cherry


Psychadelic Flower

RM3.50 per cane

(sold out)


Green Green Leaf

RM3.50 per cane

(sold out)


Blue Poppy

RM3.50 per cane

(sold out)


Blue feather

RM3.50 per cane

(sold out)


Grape Fruit

RM3.50 per cane

(sold out)


Strawberry 2

RM3.50 per cane

(sold out)


Strawberry 3

RM3.50 per cane

And because I don't know where else to put this, I'll just stick it into this post as well:

Gold and Silver Alphabets to make a statement on cards, nails or just plain party confetti! :)


Confetti Alphabets


Swarovski Grade AB Crystals

Here's a new colour for my fast and growing crystal collection! (I'll be getting in 20 over colours by the end of this month!)


72 pieces - RM12
144 pieces - RM24

Here are two other colours from an updates.

Have a look at the video below to see the way the AB crystals shine in the light.

These AB clear crystals are SS6 in size.

Which measures up to about 1.88mm. :)

Cotton Candy Nail Art Stickers

It's good enough when rubber nail art stickers come in the sweetest shade of pink, but when they know how to doodle them designs to suit our girly fancy as well?! KILLER COMBO!!

I was half chatting with an Aunty at my suppliers' so I was rather distracted and didn't take in enough of the cutest ones. :( So I don't have too many pieces for those. Should have just grabbed one whole lump sum!
My sticker customer Claudia who is from AMSTERDAM (!!!) saw them on the facebook fan page and immediately bought out all the Yummy Sweet Tooth design. This is what she did with it:

She even stuck it around her camera lens!

Thanks Claudia. I hope you don't mind using the pictures because they are just soooooo cute!!


Butterflies In Flight



Flower Lace



Baby Skulls 2



My Little Garden



Starfruits and Pears



Cherry Kitty



Dragon Ball Garden



Alice In Wonderland



Woof Woof Poodles (Pink)




All designs below this line is no longer in stock:


Yummy Sweet Tooth



Baby Skulls



Cats and Dogs


(sold out)


Sweet Sweet Love


(sold out)


Mama's Bakery


(Sold out)


Dotted Hearts



A Bow of Wonders


(sold out)


Flowers In A Dream



My Lovely Petunia



Woof Woof Poodles (black)



Butterfly Cut Outs



Flower Sprinkles



Layered Hearts



Wild Flowers