Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Crystals For Your Blingin' Needs

I know Swarovski crystals might cost an arm and a leg.

All that we want to do is bling that old calculator or maybe even a phone that will last us for another two months. Right?

Come get your faux-crystal fix from me!

Get blinging easily as these have adhesive backs!

Jazz up that boring black camera or even your air con controller!

Gotta love crystals...they open doors to a world of girlish creativity. :)

p/s: Postage is free to anywhere within Malaysia! Overseas buyers, please contact me and I'll calculate accordingly.


Hot pink crystals!

3mm in diameter. Perfect for smaller gadgets!

180 crystals all together!

Price: Rm4!


Dusty Rose and Diamonds!

Pink and Clear crystals in alternate fashion. Very very bling. *my eyes tend to glaze over when I look at them*

3mm in diameter.

180 crystals all together.

Price: RM4!


Hot pink, black and clear crystals make for glamorous blinging!

3mm in diameter.

180 crystals all together. 60 hot pink ones, 60 black ones and 60 clear ones!

Price: Rm4


Rainbow Crystals - it has a somewhat prismatic gleam to it. It's the kind of thing one would see when he is high...

3mm in diameter.

180 crystals.

Price: Rm4


Light and Dark Purple crystals - Two shades of one of the most loved colours.

3mm in diameter.

180 crystals!

Price: RM4


Black and Clear crystals - Very 1930's Hollywood. Think black and white films. Think smatterings of sparkling gems on the veil of a starlet lost in time.

3mm in diameter.

180 crystals.

Price: Rm4


Hot pink crystals - these larger crystals would go really nicely on the cover of your scratchy laptop. I've totally blinged mine and have carried it proudly to the uni library, Starbucks..etc. Makes for a damn good conversation piece.

5mm in diameter.

175 crystals in total!

Price: Rm5


Aquamarine crystals - Though most girls prefer pink, but if you've got that special streak in you, then blue might just do for you as well.

5mm in diameter.

175 crystals.


Monday, March 24, 2008

Gadget Sparklers

Not all of us can afford spanking shiny new cameras, laptops or even hand phones. If you're like me, you may want to beautify your badly-scratched gadgets with these beeeautifoool sparkly stickers.

Alternatively, these gadget sparklers would be a great addition to your sticker collection.

Each sticker sheet is about 5cm by 6cm. Each for Rm3.50! :)

Free Postage!

*note: The first and second picture of each sticker sheet is the one closest to its natural colour. :) I don't buy harsh coloured stuff. Love pastels and shimmer.


The Red Damsel


The Mad Blue Unicorn


The Candy Bow


Starlit Butterfly!


The Mad Pink Unicorn


The Golden Pink Butterfly


Hello Kitty Up Skirt Shots Taking Flight


The Marshmallow With A Pink Afro


The Dreamy Scorpion


Blur Hello Kitty


The Side Of A Purple Butterfly


The Bored Tiger


The Roman Jug


A Young Butterfly


The Love Child Of A Taurus and A Capricorn


A Curled Tip Butterfly



The Cat Who Laughed Till There Were Tears In His Eyes



The Lavender Cherubic Twins


The Happy Winged Pau


The Sugar Mouse


The Curious Monkey


The Sleepy Cow



A Libran Dream



Mini Rhinestone Dotted Stickers: A Rainy Day, Please!



Mini Rhinestone Dotted Stickers: At The Candy Shoppe


Mini Rhinestone Dotted Stickers: Gothic Cuteness