Sunday, March 7, 2010

Korean Diary Stickers

Long long ago, while I was browsing through with my almost non-existent ability to read chinese (with Google Translate open in a new tab), I came across gorgeous Korean stickers! i was dying to get my hands on them to be put up on The Sticker Monster but the postage cost a bomb. Guess who is a happy girl when she found Korean stickers at her suppliers'?

This is what you can do with it:


Korean Diary Stickers 1



Korean Diary Stickers 2



Korean Diary Stickers 3



Korean Diary Stickers 4


All designs below have already gone out of stock:



Korean Diary Stickers 5



Korean Diary Stickers 6



Anonymous said...

I've seen cuter but these are pretty cute. There are a lot of same ones...

indriyana igirisa said...

that cute.i want to get it,,,

Anonymous said...

hi ,can u buy all of them for me and send me because i can not fine them i will meet u and give you the money. this is my number:0169680143