Monday, March 15, 2010

Sticker Albums For RM6 Each!

So you've seen what I did with my sticker albums from my childhood. :)

I don't know who is happier - you or me, now that I've managed to find sticker albums at my suppliers! Priced at RM6 each, there are 6 pages and front and back are of course waxy, so this means you have 12 glorious pages to stick on!

The size of the sticker album is roughly the size of an A4 paper. At different angles, you will realize that the cover of the sticker album is made up of tiny stars! Very sparkly! Example below.

The pages are white by the way!


Rock Star Hello Kitty



Fairy Hello Kitty



Winnie The Pooh's Riverside Adventure



Winnie The Pooh's Hot Air Balloon Ride



Winnie The Pooh's Beach Picnic



All designs below this line are no longer in stock:


Marie and the Tulips



Sticker Album: Hello Kitty and The Sleigh


See? Tiny stars all over the sticker album!

The back of it.


Disney Princess Meet Up



Hello Kitty Goes To School


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