Monday, March 15, 2010

Name Stickers - Customize It Yourself!

Instead of a horrid marker pen stain of your name on your personal belongings, name stickers are the way to go!

From RM5.00 to RM17.00 for 100 pieces of name stickers, there are various designs to suit your need! Just let us know what you want written on the sticker and we will fit it in for you. You may have a say in the font but not the font size because we would have to adjust accordingly with the size of the sticker! However, you need not worry as my aunt is an expert and will ensure that your name stickers look amazing!

Please read: Orders from the other stickers on The Sticker Monster are separate from the name stickers. The name sticker business belongs to my aunty and she lives 5 hours away from me (I am away at university) so postage will be separate and she will be posting it to you after payment is made. Enquiries can be sent to me for the time being!

Name stickers do not necessarily contain name but you can also print your address on it and paste it at the back of greeting cards, your business information and paste it on your products..the list is endless!

How To Order

Just send me the code, what you want printed on it and how many sets.

For example:

"Pearl Oval Small RM10.00 per 100pcs

Jolene Lai

2 sets"

Then I will send you a picture of your name sticker sample to see if you are okay with it and then we can proceed with the payment, printing and shipping. :)

Neat and adorable, just put it anywhere to mark your territory!

We have cartoon ones as well!

A Winnie The Pooh design! (details are further down the post)

See how nice it looks! I stuck it on that glass panel for awhile while waiting for my patient to arrive and was also, as you can see, sketching the poster for the upcoming contest on The Sticker Monster. :)

Here's the list of stickers that are available and close-ups of the stickers are below the lists:

If there is no sticker but the description is there, it is not available.

Winnie The Pooh (S) - RM10.00 for 100pcs
Mickey & Friends (B) - RM10.00 for 60pcs
Winnie The Pooh (B) - RM10.00 for 60pcs
Madagascar (B) - RM10.00 for 60pcs

Silver Matte Small - RM5.00 for 100 pcs

Transparent Small - RM5.00 per 100pcs

Pearl Small - RM8.00 per 100pcs. This is an example of a clip-art. It can only be done in black.

Gold Medium - RM10.00 per 100pcs

Silver Matte Medium - RM10.00 per 100pcs

Transparent Large Half - RM12.00 per 100pcs

Pearl Oval Small - RM10.00 per 100pcs. Old customers would recognize this sticker. My aunt prints all my pink for me. :)

Pearl Oval Big - RM17.00 per 100pcs

Gold Oval Small - RM10.00 per 100pcs

Pearl Oval Big - RM17.00 per 100pcs

Gold Oval Big - RM17.00 per 100pcs

Silver Laser Large Half - RM12.00 per 100pcs

Pearl Large - RM17.00 per 100pcs

Gold Large - RM17.00 per 100pcs


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Anonymous said...

hello sis....i want to order sticker ~~pearl medium sized with icons beside...can?

lee hooi kun said...

Hello I want to order sticker, postage to Semenanjung Malaysia how much? Pls email me