Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Swarovski-like Crystals - Preciosa Crystals!

**Update: I used the wrong pricing for rhinestones. I've switched to the standard gross and bulk units. I'm selling in denominations of 72, 144 and 1440.


As mentioned, I also have Preciosa crystals which are apparently second to Swarovski in the world of crystal brands.

Preciosa is from Czech Republic, where else Swarovski is from Austria. They are virtually alike in every way. Due to branding issues, Preciosa is slightly cheaper than Swarovski!

Here are some links to the Preciosa brand:

These are the original packaging for the Preciosa crystals.

I have rose Preciosa crystals that measure up to 3mm in diameter. The stone size is SS8 and it is non hot fix.

This is the clear Preciosa crystal which also measures up to 3mm in diameter. The stone size is 8mm as well.

To stick on these crystals, do use epoxy glue which are available at any hardware stores or stationary stores! But please skin your new phone first if you'd like to have options to remove it in the future. Ask your nearest mobile phone accessories store if they provide that service. I know there's one on the ground floor at Sungai Wang, KL!

If you have any stone size or colour request, feel free to drop me a line and I'll try to stock up on it.

The units are:
1) Half a gross = 72 pieces
2) Gross = 144 pieces
3) Bulk = 1440 pieces. For bulk, I don't have ready stocks but I can get it from my suppliers for you. 

To check out the brilliant shine from the crystals, please go to the back of this video where the Preciosa crystals are.


Rose Preciosa SS8.

(Half a gross ) 72 pieces - RM12
(One gross) 144 pieces - RM24
(Bulk ) 1440 pieces - RM130


Clear Preciosa SS8

(Half a gross ) 72 pieces - RM12
(One gross) 144 pieces - RM24
(Bulk ) 1440 pieces - RM130


szehui said...

By what to let those crystal stick tight onto the phone & won't drop..?

Jayelle said...

use epoxy glue:) can be bought at any hardware store.

szehui said...

erm hardware store as in... like..?

Szechee said...

stil available??

Jayelle said...

hardware store as in those selling wood, hammers etc..:)

yes still available. how many do you want?:)

Carmen Chong said...

hi, can we mix the colours if we buy the one gross or bulk ?

Jayelle said...

yup, u can mix..but each colour must be in denominations of 12 and a minimum of 72 pieces in total must be achieved.

for instance, 36 pink and 36 clear.

but i don't have anymore pink. :) will have more crystals in april!

Crystal said...

Heyyy. What colour you still have now? Any different sizes? :)