Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Epoxy Stickers Up For Loving!

Glitter and colours embedded in clear acrylic, that's what epoxy stickers are made of. They are also known as crystal stickers and are bumpy to the touch - which is why they are so cute!

I've jazzed up the borders of my LCD screen and it looks awesome. My laptop looks so lively and happy now. If you're all about being happy clappy then you'll definitely love these stickers!!

For the love of glitters and sunny colours, only RM4 per piece! (with free postage!)


Pastries On A Picnic


Mr. Happy and His Love For The Fine Things In Life


Up, Up and Away


Glittery Sweetness


Ooooh, I Can See Your Undies!


Polka Dotted Hearts


Shiny Encouragements


From A Secret Admirer Who Knows You Love Pink


Itsy-Bitsy Pink And Red Hearts


Pink Hearts That Look Pretty Lost To Me


Act Cute Hearts


To Be Worn At A Beach


Wild Hearts!


Glam Hearts


Hypnotizing Hearts


Embarrassingly Colourful Hearts


Hyperglycemic Glitter

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