Saturday, April 19, 2008

Dainty Handmade Paper Pop-Up Stickers!

There is something about pop-up stickers that has this oh-so-cute factor. Somehow you find yourself attracted to it, going up close and touching it with your fingers.

Perhaps one would think that she can learn the tricks of the trade and make her own stickers. Yes, it's possible. But the effect is never the same because as easy as it looks, making pop-up stickers is a skill in a class of its own!

I've some 'Handiwork' stickers in my collection and I'm selling these for RM5 each!

Once again, postage is free to anywhere in Malaysia!!

These handiwork stickers are ideal for decorating your handmade cards!


In The Garden


At The Fast Food Joint


A Girly Day Out

(sold out)


Teatime In Purple



Home Sweet Home


The Pink Glutton


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