Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Stickers You Can Press!

The novelty of puffy stickers never gets old! When you see them hanging in the racks at your local stationary shop, all you want to do is press them and marvel at how adorable the printings are on these little foam-stuffed adhesives!

Due to the nature of the rounded borders of these foam stickers, the printings are usually portrayed in a very soft manner and when that comes into play, it gives the stickers a very charming effect.

Each sticker sheet is RM4 and as usual, postage is free for Malaysians!

By the way, just a little tidbit of an information: I've been scouring the shopping malls and minor stalls here and there and apparently, the retail price for these stickers are about RM8! So buy from me! I'm shortchanging myself! Woohoo!!


Doing Your Groceries?


She's Singing The Glittery Blues


A Pink Melody



The Golden Oldies



When The Silver Bells Chime


Butterflies In My Garden

(sold out)


Garden Pests


A Love Sick Fool

(sold out)

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