Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Snack Stickers Among Other Adorable Designs

This post is a little bit of a mish mash as I sourced all these stickers from the same place! So bear with me. :)

Each of these stickers will go for RM4.50 per sheet! As usual, postage is free to anywhere within Malaysia. :)


The Chocolate Coated Bear

This bear here reminds me of those bear biscuits that we used to eat as children. I'd bite off the ear first then move onto the head, the hands and then only swallow the torso whole. :)


A Diabetic's Dream


Looking at these colours makes me very happy. I might even be a tad hungry if I look at it any longer. I loveeee the colours. I hope you do too!


Gooey Glittery Blue Alphabets


If you're a HUGE glitter fan(like me!), then I don't see how you can resist this alphabets sticker sheet. Good for making those diva statements on your notebooks..


Gooey Glittery Silver Alphabets


Same brilliant glittery alphabets, in silver!


Puffy Snacks

These are my favourite kinds of puffy sticker. Food that resembles snacks from Japan! Even more adorable when they have faces on them! Super puffy!!


More Puffy Snacks!


Variety never hurts!


Partying Alphabets


I'm tempted to keep this one for myself....but, if any of you like it.....*smiles graciously and sighs* be my guest. Take it, take it. (RM4.50 ok?!)

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