Friday, April 11, 2008

Sandylion Stickers - The Godfather Of All Stickers!

I hope there are equally as mad as me sticker lovers out there who actually know why I rave so much about Sandylion stickers!

They are not only cute but they retain their quality after many many years. These stickers are of extremely good quality to begin with. I should know - I've a whole sticker book filled with Sandylion stickers for the past 13 years! Since they were made for kids, the designs are extra cute and scrapbooking fanatics adore these stickers as they are acid-lignin free. Or something like that. All I know is that they are photo safe!

From my Sandylion Stickers fanatic days, I knew there were four types of Sandylion Stickers - Kromekote, Mylar, Prismatic and Fuzzy.

Kromekote is the one with a photo-ish surface with very vivid colours!

Mylar is a little transparent, like tinted stickers.

Prismatic is kinda self explanatory, these have large glitter particles in the stickers.

Fuzzy, ah, the favourite of all Sandylion fans and noobs alike. It's the one which feels velvet to the touch! Drag the side of your thumb on a fuzzy sticker, and you'll be stuck doing that for the next two minutes. For 13 years, I would open the third page of my favourite book, and stroke the pageful of fuzzy Sandylion stickers lovingly. :)

I imported these stickers from Canada. Though I did promise to charge RM4.50 for these stickers, due to heavy postage, I'll be charging Rm5.00 for Sandylion sticker sheets (the three squares in 1 strip). Paying heavy postage and offering free postage. T_T T_T Damn pain. But for the love of stickers!!!

The stickers do not come with their usual cardboard backing as most packaged Sandylion stickers are. The Canadian lady I bought it from has them in bulks and pulls them out from rolls and rolls of Sandylion stickers. So go figure! :P

So yeap! RM5 per sticker sheet :) Free postage, as usual!

#40001SL Spongebob!

I know there are Spongebob fans among the lot of you! Don't lie!

This one special price: RM3!


Fuzzy Swans and Ducklings

These are the infamous fuzzy stickers from the Sandylion brand.


Fuzzy Scampering Baby Barnyard Animals


Fuzzy Blues Clues


Fuzzy Fruits - I totally love the colours here! So damn adorable!


Fuzzy Pink Pigs


Fuzzy Yellow Duckies!


Fuzzy Disembodied Little Santa Heads


Prismatic Super Colourful Jelly Beans

Check out the awesome glittery stickers!


Shiny Candy Canes


A Big Cook-Out (Kromekote type)


Christmas Cookies (Kromekote type)

Kromekote stickers are well known for their brilliant colours and photo-like texture.

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hanna said...

ahhh so cute!! where do u get your stock from, if you don't mind me asking? :D

I want to buy them all! but I always randomly buy stickers, but never really use them! :|

Maybe I should secretly get a sticker album again :P *goes off in search for secret un-tale-telling-looking albums*