Sunday, October 4, 2009

Dreams Are Made Of Glittery Puffy Stickers

Little glittery puffy snacks, umbrellas, kittens and famous bunnies and cats! Ingenious ideas for our sticker collection!

I've got a promotion going on for these stickers!

Buy one and get RM1 off the second piece. That's RM3 for the second one!


Snack Bar


RT277050401 by you.

RT277050401a by you.

RT277050401b by you.


Luxurious Kitty


RT277050402 by you.

RT277050402a by you.

RT277050402b by you.


Raining Umbrella


RT277050403 by you.

RT277050403a by you.

RT277050403b by you.


Creepy Musical


RT277050404 by you.

RT277050404a by you.

RT277050404b by you.


Conigli Love Bunny


RT277050405 by you.

RT277050405a by you.

RT277050405b by you.


Hello Kitty At The Park


RT277050406 by you.

RT277050406a by you.

RT277050406b by you.

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