Saturday, October 3, 2009

2-in-1 Darlings: Puffy and Epoxy Stickers

Puffy and epoxy stickers are right up there on most people's list of favourite types of stickers. With both the types on one sheet, it is totally irresistible! Softness of the puffy stickers combined with the lovely hard epoxy texture makes it very yin and yang.


Creamy Hearts


RT277130401 by you.

RT277130401a by you.

RT277130401b by you.

RT277130401c by you.


Polka Hearts


RT277130402 by you.

RT277130402a by you.

RT277130402b by you.

RT277130402c by you.


Hush Little Baby


RT277130403 by you.

RT277130403a by you.

RT277130403b by you.

RT277130403c by you.


My Little Pet Shop


RT277130404 by you.

RT277130404a by you.

RT277130404b by you.

RT277130404c by you.


Animal Tea Party


RT277130405 by you.

RT277130405a by you.

RT277130405b by you.

RT277130405c by you.

I didn't know where to fit this into so I'll just put it here!

It's a very special Hello Kitty sticker! It has a sheet of puffy stickers and right at the back, another sheet in the exact same design but in glossy paper.


Hello Kitty Puffy Glossy Duo

RT277100409 by you.

RT277100409a by you.

RT277100409b by you.

RT277100409c by you.

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