Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Story of the Two Teddy Bears and the Memo of Love


Memo of Love


Grad wanted to give the Memo of Love to Duation but he was a shy bear.

So very shy.

He looked at the Memo of Love to make sure that he really wanted to give it to her.

Duation was curious about what Grad was looking at.

Grad said, "Nothing!" and blushed. However much a teddy bear could blush, which is not much, but he did blush.

But he knew the moment was now or never and so he revealed the surprise - and his true emotions - to Duation, who was shocked with the revelation.


Grad plucked up his courage and gave a happy Duation a big bear kiss.

The End.

Now, buy the damn Memo of Love! :P

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