Tuesday, July 26, 2011

I Dream of Kitty Note Cards

Have a pension for whimsical, fantasy inspired stationary?

The I Dream of Kitty note cards have 42 pieces of individual designs featuring a little girl and her kitten in various dream like states.



I Dream of Kitty

Mademoiselle Kitty Bean asks Dr. Pump if he would like to have his fortune told.

Dr. Pump agrees and Mademoiselle Kitty Bean asks him to pick a card.

"I choose this one!"

"Er..the card says you'll get a flu soon. You must drink a lot of water. Weather very bad."

"Pick another one!"

"Popsicles! What does it mean?"

"You will need to cool. You will have a popsicle to eat soon."

"Okay, what about this?"

"Your birthday is coming right?"

"I know I am good. Hee."

"I will go on a boat ride, is it?"

"YES! How did you know?"

"You say leh?"

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