Saturday, August 1, 2009

Draw Me A Bling

Though it's not exactly refreshing, but it's definitely a change from the usual torrent of bling sheets.

Perfect for the lazy ones among us, these bling graphics instantly jazz up personal items. A classmate of mine used some on her notebook and I keep forgetting that it was from my store whenever I look at it. I actually start wondering where she got that nice blinged notebook from! Heheh, self flattery.

If you're into minimalistic blinging styles, this is a good way to start. You can just paste one graphic bling at the corner of a gadget and it changes the entire look in an instant!


Maharani Fuchsia



Maharani Pearl



My Melody Song (lol Mel I named a sticker after you, wtf)


Melody Song is the real name of my best friend! No shit.


Cherry Loves



Um..Black Melody Song



Tropical Holiday


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