Saturday, August 1, 2009

Bling Templates For Ipod Nano 3G and Ipod Nano 4G

This is what we at The Sticker Monster (okay, maybe only me. I am my own boss, my own secretary, my own office boy and my own tea lady) call blings served to you on a silver plate.

There are actually bling templates for your ipod now!! *froths at mouth*

I have with me bling templates for the Ipod Nano 3G and the Ipod Nano 4G. Unfortunately most of the designs come in the 4G size, so here's hoping The Sticker Monster's customers are hip and trendy music lovers, always buying the latest gadgets (to bling..bwahahaha).


Sapphire Tune (Ipod Nano 4G)



Pink Jazz



Purple Rock and Roll



Purple Beats



Purple Pop


All designs below this line have gone out of stock:


Pink Melody (Ipod Nano 3G)


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