Sunday, March 22, 2009

Psychadelic Shimmer and Puffy Stickers!

My suppliers are the best! They've outdone themselves again and stocked up on the most adorable puffy stickers I've ever seen!

And the best part? They are slightly glittery! Like sugar icing!

This is the letter X, from my Alphabets sticker sheet. See how the tiny glitter sparkles?

It's got a nice thickness to it too.

This is one of my heart shaped stickers. See how puffy it is?

You'll feel your finger tips deliciously sinking into the sticker when you press it.

Only RM4 per piece for such a huge sheet!!

Postage is as always, free, to anywhere in Malaysia. :)


Partying Alphabets Maxi


Vintage Love


The Butterfly Clique


Baby Dolls


A Little Crush


High School Sweethearts


Kiss Me Quick!


Teddy Bear Garden


Almost Legally Blonde


It's A Love Story


Celestial Dreams


It's A Bug's Life


Forever In Love

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