Sunday, March 22, 2009

Princess Jewelry - Gem Stickers At Their Finest

These decoden beauties have finally hit our shores! I've seen the hardcore decoden-ers (decoden means decorated phone) using these as their centerpiece and it looks ABSOLUTELY gorgeous! Check out this link:

Packed in a cute little cardboard box, the gems which are pre-arranged on a plastic sheet are seated on a piece of sponge for maximum protection! The gems are placed together on a layer of glitter so that it shimmers and sparkles as much as possible!a

Isn't this gorgeous?

This is my favourite from the range!
The price for each box is RM9. Buy one and get the second one at RM8!

So if you're planning on getting a third, it'll be RM9 again and RM8 for the fourth one.

Sorry for the high price as my cost was quite high too.

Postage is free to anywhere in Malaysia!


The Mermaid Princess in Pink

Check out that gorgeous soft shade of pink on the pearls.

Just the right amount of gems to give it that elegant touch.


The Mermaid Princess in Ivory

Classy and sophisticated.

You can never go wrong with pearls.


With All My Heart

The flowers are made from some siliconish material so they won't exactly crumble like polymer clay. They do look and FEEL like polymer clay and are far more sturdy.


Queen of Hearts

See the tiny pearls? They are heart-shaped!


Pink Autumn


Rows of Elegance


Three Roses Say I Love You


Who Is The Fairest Of Them All?


Ladies In Waiting

I love it how the silicone material gives the rose a softer finishing.


Roses For My Love

It makes the phone even more delicious!

Titled at the sides perhaps?


Mirror Mirror On The Wall


Pearls and Bows


Christyn said...

very very nice stickers! one of the best stickers i've seen in your sticker blog (in my opinion).

too bad i dont have a flip phone like yours. Mine doesn't fit.

Hope you have great sales!

Jayelle said...

thanks Christyn! haha..i think they are one of the nicest too...:) thank you for reading!