Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Lacey French Nail Art Stickers!

With vintage being all the rage right now, it's no wonder why laces have become so sought after!

The Sticker Monster does not have enough moolah to go into the clothing business (after all, Stickers are my first love!) and thus she resorted to the next best thing: Lacey nails!

Lending a victorian twist to the conventional french tips, these lacey french tips come in strips and simply cut it to the width of your nails and you're good to go. You can even get some blings from me to go with these pretty tips.

The texture of these tips are rubbery. I love rubbery nail art stickers!

Each sheet is priced at RM5!

Postage is as usual free with ANY amount to anywhere in Malaysia!


Lacey Tips 1


Lacey Tips 2


Lacey Tips 3


Lacey Tips 4


Lacey Tips 5


Lacey Tips 6

(sold out)


Lacey Tips 7


Lacey Tips 8

(sold out)


chuisan said...

JOLENEEEEEEEEEE so pwettyyyyyyyyy!

Jayelle said...

hehehe i know!! :P