Thursday, October 16, 2008

Blinging Ideas!

I have never actually featured the blings in action but here they are! In all their sparkling glory!

This Juicy Side Kick was blinged by a customer of mine, Mei Li. I never saw that kind of potential in my own blings! This girl is wickedly creative. If you see some pretty purple blings there, that's because I've yet to upload those. ;) She dropped by my stall at Bijou Bazaar and snapped it up. Smart girl. :)

Pity the front view of her Side Kick turned out blurry. :(

And this is from Evon like AGES ago. I get sweet emails telling how they love their stickers, but people hardly send photos back to me showing how they've utilized their stickers.

I was bored during my first Bijou Bazaar trip and did some simple blinging on my Nintendo. I used up two pieces!


Oh, this is Mei Li's friend, Pheng's phone! :) What you're looking at is an entire bling sheet. Perfect for PDAs and the likes.

It's an LG phone too! *gasp*

Mel, who was kind enough to accompany me on my second Bijou Bazaar trip, succumbed to peer pressure and simply picked a sheet of bling from my stash and went about her blinging business. As you can see, she cuts out a strip and applies it line by line. It's easier to accomodate it to corners this way. Also, if you have the patience, cutting out each bling, piece by piece, is of course a more painstaking but rewarding option.

She's loving it!

Mel wanted a picture of how she looks with her now-blinged phone.

She initially wanted to get rid of her phone but now that it is all blinged up, she loves it more.

Another view of the phone. I love how the blings actually manage to curve around the rounded part of her phone. Skills, she haz it.

Since I was in the mood to bling, I was thinking, "Hmmm....what to bling...what to bling..."

Eureka! :) My most boring plastic red glasses. :)

I used 4mm, 3mm and 2mm blings to create the random-blings effect.

Testing the waters to see if I was a little OTT.

I added more blings. As of now, it is still blinged up to there, I have yet to decide if I want to go all the way or just leave a trail of blings to the end. There's a fine line between Gorgeous Frames and an Elvis Impersonator.

Back in Kedah, Lie Yuen rummaged through my sticker stash and blinged her mirror with these pearly babies and the usual pink and clear blings. Pearls do add a touch of glam to everything.

A tiny pedestal for the star.


I hope you guys liked the pictures!


- m i c h e l l e - said...

I felt kinda shy at first to send u the result of the bling-blingness but since so many ppl did, I'm doing it too! :P

It's at the bottom of this post! Teehee.

Jayelle said...

hahha no need to be shy! :) Thanks I'll post it up immediately!!

chuisan said...

jolene joleneee i wanna ask hor, if u stick on ur phone, wont the blings fall out when u take ur phone out of ur pocket/into ur pocket repeatedly?

Jayelle said...

hehe not really! my nintendo so far so good!(been about two months ++++ di) and my laptop blings for like 2 years already!

but if u want really sturdy stuff then i recommend u go for those normal crystals and glue it on with epoxy glue.

I'm just offering cheaper alternatives:) Last time i bought one bag of Swarovski crystals..can't remmeber 50 or 100 pieces... damnit, cost me RM24!!