Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Those Press-Press Stickers

Perhaps it is for the love of all things cute that made these puffy stickers so irresistible. With a palette of happy clappy colours and mind numbingly adorable graphics, what's not to like? It's like little marshmallows which you can keep forever. These stickers are so dainty that you can't help caressing the rubbery texture whenever you can and sinking the tips of your finger onto the stickers only to have it bounce right back. These stickers are also known as plushy stickers.

Postage is free for all Malaysians. :)


Strawberry Fields Forever



Bunnies In Loooooove



Everyone Has A Heart


(sold out)


Sugar Hearts Melting You Inside

Also previously sold out from this post.



Padded Patchwork Hearts

Another restocked item from this post.


(sold out)


Katherine-Lee said...

Hey Jolene! I love everything that you have on sale, but none fits my needs, yet.

Here's a wishlist of things that would be perfect for my scrapbooking needs:
- graduation-themed stickers (oooh, those pointed out by Ying Sang on your Stickyboard are perfect!)
- retirement/growing old stickers
- medical/dentistry

You're doing a good thing with this business. Keep it up!

Jayelle said...

Hi Katherine! Thank you for your comment..:)

I will keep in mind when I do my stocking! :)

Yeah, mine differs from her slightly...but still the same idea:D

And yeap! I do have some medical/dentistry stickers. what kind are you looking for?

amyloliquefaqueinz said...
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Katherine-Lee said...

Ooops! Didn't realise that my sister's account was still logged in (amyloliquefaqueinz). I deleted the comment made under her username.

Anyway, if you have any tooth stickers, that would be awesome. My mom was a dental nurse. I'm making a retirement scrapbook for her.