Saturday, March 15, 2008

Of The Plushy Variety

The thing about padded stickers is that you can't stop pressing them. When you see it at the shops, you're pressing the stickers and you keep pressing them and you realise, "Goddamn, these things are addictive!"

Since you can't possible test the pressability of these stickers, I'll describe them to you.

Imagine a nice ice-cream shaped plushy sticker.

Your thumb is placed on it and you feel the pad of your thumb giving way to the firm softness of the tiny sticker.

You press back and your thumb encloses the entire sticker as it makes contact with the paper.

You repeat your motions, and you go faster and faster. You realise that you just can't get enough.
It's so freaking soft!

Each goes for RM4! Postage is, again, free!


An Instant Delight


Padded Patchwork Hearts



Sugar Hearts Melting You Inside



Tie A Yellow(or pink, red, black..) Bow-Tie Round The Old Oak Tree



Bunnies In Loooooove


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