Thursday, February 28, 2008

Gem-like Cutesies

I was enthralled by these type of stickers when I was a kid. Popped out and crytal-like, I could stare at them for hours.

These look great on laptops too! I've seen a computer monitor at a Living Cabin outlet totally framed by gem stickers. It's also called epoxy stickers by some sticker companies.

Any self-respecting glitter loving girl would be happy to know that some of the stickers below come embedded with glitter.

At RM4 per piece, I'll send it to you with postage free of charge!


A Day In Mr. Happy's Life


See the glitter? :) It's the very kind of kaleidoscopic glitter that I adore so much.



Keyboard Deco Gems: Alas, the mundane keyboard gets a makeover!


Seeing Rainbows After A Mushroom



Berry Nice!



Too Cute For Statements!


Fit For A Queen


Moo..Got Milk?


Those flying pigs... (aka Monokurobo!)


It's Your Birthday!


More Keyboard Deco Gems: Variety is always good!


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