Thursday, December 8, 2011

She's Sensitive Deco Sticker Set

When i first set eyes on this, my heart fluttered with excitement! Look at the sweet, sweet colours! But what I love most of all is the texture of the stickers. In very appropriate paper (matte) material to complement the sweet pastel colours. <3 So love!

Each pack contains 4 sheets of stickers. There's a whole variety of stickers in this deco pack. There are name labels, cute icons, diary masking stickers and more!

Measurements: 18 x 10cm


She's Sensitive Deco Sticker



ωειΥ said...

is she's sensitive deco sticker available?

EdwinGoh Photography said...

where can i get these Sensitive Deco Sticker Set??

Jayelle said...

weiy: yes it is!

edwin: can order from me. :)