Monday, January 17, 2011

Deco Tape Gift Box Set

I have actually secretly being selling deco tapes to those who enquired.. not that it is illegal, just that I had too many and got too lazy to put it up here! But the old stock is now dwindling to the bottom of the barrel and so I've gone out and got these lovely new deco tapes box set!

Know someone who adore collecting kawaii things? Get them this!

Code: #RT2211102508501

Price: RM8.50

There are eight deco tape designs in each box.

The boxes come in three colours. Colours will be randomly chosen unless specified by buyer.

Red Box

Blue Box

Pink Box

The designs available are shown at the back of the box!

Below are the actual deco tapes found in the box. Except for the second line, all the other deco tapes are shown as a pair to indicate their different angles.

The deco tape box set's super cute profile.

The other side!


kam said...

How much is the shipping to France ?
Thanks you very much.

The Sticker Monster said...

hi there Kam!

It depends on the exchange rate..but on the average it's about USD3 or EUR2.00 per box! :)