Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Protective Films For Your Gadget and Epoxy Glue Plus A Tutorial!

From the very first day that I started selling bling bling stickers, many people have asked me if I sell protective film as well.

Glad to say I finally managed to get my hands on them!

Filming or skinning your gadget would be to cover all surfaces with a transparent film that can protect it from dust and scratches! Professionals charge anywhere between RM80 - Rm200 (USD 25 to USD 60) to skin your entire gadget.

However, the reason I took in these films are for the decoden enthusiasts in you. This is for those of you who want to give your phones/cameras a face lift without so much as damaging the surface of your sexy machine. You can thus stick anything you want on your phone without worrying about it being permanent or damaging to your phone. It is adhesive underneath and has a glossy finishing at the top. Removing the film does not leave behind any glue residue.

Each sheet is A4 sized and priced at RM15 per piece!



(the previous price listed was a terrible careless mistake on my part)

After wrapping your gadget, feel free to go mad with the decoden designs! You can now have a free reign to use glue on your gadget since it is already skinned!

Just a drop will do the trick as it dries clear and has a really good bonding strength!



Here's a mini tutorial on how to skin your gadget. I am only going to skin one part of my Satio though for demo purposes!

1. Measure out the dimensions of the part where you want to skin.

2. The part where I want to skin is the battery cover where the camera cover slides over.

3. Cut out the estimated portion from the protective film and measure accordingly again.

4. Before applying the film, remove any traces of dust.

5. Carefully apply the film on the clean surface so that you do not get any air bubbles.

6. Use a hard object like a ruler or a credit card (or something similar) to get rid of the bubbles if there are any.

7. The awesome part about this film is that it can wrap around corners and should they be a little stubborn, get your hairdryer and blast at the area. It will then accomodate the curves of your phone.

8. There! Not perfect but my idea is to stick all sorts of crazy things on it without damaging the metallic finishing.

9. I got too carried away putting on the decoden bits that I forgot to take photos of the process. Nice??

10. WIth flash! I only put it up to where my camera cover slides to. :)

Head on over to the decodens supply post for adorable tiny chocolates, pretzels, biscuits and roses of all shapes and sizes! Stay tune as I will be taking in more designs in the future.

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Queen of Babble said...

Hi! May I know how many ml is the epoxy glue?