Thursday, December 10, 2009

Extremely Large and Colourful Squishy PVC Stickers

These are probably my biggest stickers ever!! I've sold out a couple of pieces via COD and to be honest, I prefer to sell these big stickers during COD as I do not have to hunt high and low for envelopes that can accommodate its size. (The Rm4 pos ekpres envelope can fit these babies).

It looks pretty awesome as decorations for my locker at uni!

My locker is now being used as a landmark for other dental students should they forget where their locker is. They would remember their locker by counting three lockers to the left or four lockers to the right of my locker. Pretty AND functional! What's not to love eh?

These stickers are squishy and made of PVC as well!

My stickers have cheered up some of the sleepy coursemates during those super early clinic sessions.

Such detailed happiness in each individual piece too!

This is probably the cutest of the lot but sorry, already sold out during my various COD sessions and bazaars.

<3 <3 <3.. the blings are from a separate sticker sheet. Click here and here if you like it!


Really Big Winnie The Pooh



Really Really Big Musical Hearts



Really Really Big Miss Bunnie's Keys



Really Really Big Flower Power



Really Really Big Random Season



Really Really Big Disney Princesses



Really Really Big Fruit Basket


(sold out)


Really Really Big Elephant Dogs


(sold out)


Really Really Big Enchanted Woods



Really Really Big Butterfly Fantasy



Really Really Big Irish Luck



Really Really Big Pet Shop



Really Really Big Hello Kitty


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