Friday, April 10, 2009

Mini Mirror Stickers In A Plethora Of Colours

Who would've thought that they would actually start producing stickers for the vain pots among us?

Available in a rainbow of gorgeous mirror hues, I couldn't resist myself even though I said, "No more buying, NO!"

They come in tiny pre-cut squares and can be peeled off or applied entirely as a sheet onto anything you fancy.

The sides.

It's a friggin' mirror.

Here are a few examples of what I used it for:

I can even decorate my Kabuki brush.

With flash! Omg! DISCO!

I didn't take many stocks so please order quickly as I'll have time to run to the suppliers since I'm back for a one week break.


Vain Ruby


(Sold out)


Vain Rose

(It's pinkish gold)


(sold out)


Vain Lavender


(sold out)


Vain Skies



Vain Sapphire


(sold out)


Vain Ocean


(sold out)


Vain Bronze



Vain Chocolate



Vain Goldilocks


(my boyfriend said that from his angle - he is sitting next to me now, on his own comp - that this looks like a naked man sticker. there's the head on the upper right hand corner, the back muscles and the naked butt. funny he got a camera for a stomach though.)


Tenacious said...


I love your stickers! How do I buy it? Please let me know I'm really interested.

Roberto Tucker said...

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