Saturday, February 21, 2009

Roses Are Red, Blings Are Sparkly



I know, I know. The Sticker Monster should be all about the Sticky stuff, adhesion, cohesion, glue glue glue!

But if it's not obvious enough, blings are synonymous with The Sticker Monster name. And I love blings. Which girl, does not love bling blings?

So don't discriminate yeah. This batch does not come with an adhesive back, like most of the sticky blings. But the difference is that it comes in a pack of random blings, big small, square, pearls etc. Plus the highly sort after polymer clay flowers that are mostly used in the decoden community. Decoden is the term for a decorated hand phone which is absolutely popular in Japan and those people who love anything Jappy. It's also something like what you're doing with the blings you've bought from me before.

Same thing, just more fancy.

Since there's no glue, I'd recommend that you get yourself some acrylic glue from your local hardware store. :)

The difference between each pack is the polymer clay flowers and a few of the big blings! That's how you differentiate the packs. Random blings..are just random.

I've got a promotion going on for this batch!

It's RM8 per pack, but if you buy a second pack, it's RM7!

AND, and, for every consequent pack you buy after that, it's RM6!

I was fooling around with the blings, here's some pics:

Like what you see? :)


Dazzling Rose Petals

(sold out)


Moonlit Buttercups

(sold out)


Jasmine Sparkles


Starry Starry Bouquet

(sold out)


White Diamond Roses

(sold out)

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