Thursday, September 11, 2008

Another Flurry Of Epoxy Stickers

There is just something about epoxy stickers that endear themselves to sticker lovers! Is it the smoothness of its surface? The cute bulge that you can rub with your thumb all day?

Hailed as the only type of stickers which comes in the largest variety of designs, the epoxy stickers never fail to entice with its pretty graphics.

Postage is free to anywhere in Malaysia!


Valentine Hearts



Assorted Hearts and Stars


Alphabetic Hearts


Save The Canadian Baby Seals!



Best Friends Forever!



Many Little Piggies



Teardrop Of An Angel


Endorse The Baa-Baa


Mr. Happy In His Younger Days


Let's Play Doctor-Doctor

I know these are quite random, but they don't belong anywhere else! :(


Barbie Doll's Qing Ming Offerings (pop-up paper stickers!)



Blinging Moo Moos


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